Frequently Asked Questions to Our Electricians

What should I do during a power outage?

Contact your utility company by phone. If the outage covers a large area they generally restore power in the places were multiple building are affected first. If you are the only person in your street without power contact our 24 hour emergency service, keep a flash light with fresh batteries never use a open flame for light, turn off sensitive electronic devices this will prevent equipment from being damage when power is restored. If you are using a generator always operate it outdoors only, when using a generator always connect lights or lamps first this will stabilize the output. The voltage and frequency from a generator may damage electronics, always leave main breaker in your building off while using a generator on any of your house wiring a back feed can electrocute a lineman.

How do I restore power when the circuit breaker is tripped?

Circuit breaker panels can be located outside next to your electric meter or in the garage, laundry room. A tripped circuit breaker handle will be in the middle simply push the handle to the off position then to the on position. If you feel resistance and the breaker won’t stay in the on position you have a short circuit. Contact West Side Electric Service (link to contact page) to clean the short.

What is a GFCI or GFI?

Ground fault circuit interrupter. There are two types, the receptacle type and circuit breaker type. A GFCI or GFI senses Any current leaving the circuit to earth or ground. The GFI will trip out around .003amp to ground. A person in contact with a live wire on the load side of a GFCI circuit will feel a brief shock however the GFCI will trip before any serious shock occurs. The receptacle type is the most common. GFCI’S have saved a lot of lives they are required near water places such as kitchens baths on ponds and hot tubs or any place outside as well as basement and garages were tools are operated.

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How can I save money on my electric bill?

They are three big electricity users in your home, the heating and air conditioning system, the water heater and the clothes dryer. The items need to be well maintained and if an problem is found, it should be repaired as soon as possible. A hot water leak or an insulated duct or holes in duct work should be repaired immediately. An outdated heating and cooling equipment should be replaced. Any device that is warm or hot is using power including lose connection in the circuit breaker panel as well as wiring devices and meter sockets. All connections should be checked and tighten annually, AC and heating equipment should be cleaned annually with professional chemicals contact West Side Electric Heating and Cooling  for help with these services.

Solar Panel Installation

Want to save even more on your electric bill or eliminate it altogether? Consider installing solar panels. Not only can you throw away your electric bills, according to Barnett Solar, you can sell your excess electricity generated back to the utility company.

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