Electrical Emergencies

Regardless of how handy and experienced you are, some electrical issues should be left to the experts. Some electrical emergencies are unsafe for DIY.

Emergency electricians are always available 24/7 to handle any electrical emergencies you may be having. Here’re some of the emergencies that would require the services of an expert electrician.

When to Call and Emergency Electrician

Electrical Safety

Whenever you experience any kind of electrical emergency, the first thing you should do is to leave your home immediately with your family and call your local emergency number. Inform them that you’re having an emergency with your electricity.

If you find it safe to cut the electric supply to your house, then do so immediately. If you’re having a fire resulting from an electrical fault, and you’ve already evacuated your family, then you can try to extinguish the fire with a suitable fire extinguisher if it’s safe doing so.

However, never attempt to extinguish a fire resulting from an electrical fault with water. In case there’s no fire in your home, and you’ve successfully cut your home’s power supply, your next move should be calling a local emergency electrician immediately.

In case there’s an electric shock, avoid touching the affected person until you’ve disconnected the power supply.

electricity supply system 

Electrical Emergencies that Require Emergency Electricians

  1. The Smell of Burning Cables and Wires

When wires burn, they emit the smell of burning metal or plastic. The smell is extremely distinctive when compared to the smells of other burning matter.

Burning electrical wires are a serious issue that should be corrected immediately, otherwise, the problem can become dangerous. If you notice the smell of burning wire, it means the wires are overheating and there’s a pending fire.

The problem may be as a result of a faulty cable or bad connection. If you notice the smell of burning wire, cut your home’s power supply immediately and call your emergency electrician.


  1. A Humming or Buzzing Breaker Box

Circuit breakers are designed to automatically cut the power supply to a home in case of an electrical fault. Cutting the power supply prevents your electrical system or appliances from getting damaged.

If there’s a loud noise in the breaker box, it might be as a result of attempting to cut the power supply but fails to trip due to a fault.

Such a scenario is very dangerous as it means the electricity safety system has malfunctioned and won’t keep your electrical system safe. Thus, a failing circuit breaker should be repaired immediately.


  1. Smoke Emanating from a Power Outlet

It’s always said that where there’s fire, there’s smoke. This saying is factual since smoke is a product of a fire. Thus, if there’s smoke emanating from a power outlet, then you’re having an electrical fire or smoldering in your wiring system.

Such a scenario can become disastrous very quickly. If you notice smoke from a power outlet, cut the power supply to that area immediately and call an emergency electrician.


  1. Loss of Electricity

Although being without electricity is extremely inconveniencing, if the cause of the power loss is unknown, then it should be treated as an emergency.

In case the power loss is being experienced in the entire street, then call your electric supply company before calling an electrician to determine the cause of the power loss.

However, if the power loss is only affecting your home, and you’re sure you’ve paid all your energy bills, then you should contact an electrician immediately.

The problem might be a damaged breaker box or the power supply has been shut off by your electricity supply company. Whichever the case, call a 24/7 electrician to diagnose and fix the problem.


  1. Electrical Fire

If there’s a fire in your home, you should immediately call for emergency services. Once the emergency personnel extinguish the fire and there’s no more danger to your family and your home, you can proceed to call an emergency electrician.

An experienced and licensed electrician can assess the situation and determine what caused the fire. The electrician will also fix the issue to prevent any future electrical fires. If the fire has destroyed your electrical system, then a new one should be installed.

Emergencies involving electricity can become disastrous very rapidly. Electrical issues such as an electrical fire or shock must be fixed soonest possible.

In case you require the services of a reputable emergency electrician, regardless of the time, we’re your reliable electricians. Contact us for all electrical emergencies you may be having. We’re readily available to attend to you 24/7.