Floor Plugs: Installed by Electricians

Floor Plug Installations

Today’s open-concept floor-plans make it easy to move furniture around and to use an area for more than one purpose. But with these larger-than-usual rooms comes a problem. How do you provide for electricity when the furniture is floor plug hardwood nashville tn westnot against the wall? How do you place a lamp beside that comfy chair or use electronic devices while seated on the sofa?

The answer is an floor outlet such as the one pictured. With a floor outlet, you can plug in your lamps and then place the sofa on top of it. Alternatively, you can plug in a surge protector power strip and plug in all the electronic devices you need, right in the middle of the den.

One of the benefits of an floor outlet is that each one comes with a cover that you can place over the plug for those times when the plug is exposed, making your floor smooth again.

Floor Plugs Reduce Visibility of Cords in Living Space

With a floor outlet, you minimize or eliminate the need to string cords across your floor. Electrical cords are a trip hazard and can lead to serious injury, especially for older people. Of course, electrical cords strung across the room are also just plain unsightly. Whatever you do, NEVER run cords underneath rugs or carpet. While this takes care of the tripping hazard, you now have a major fire hazard from worn cords. Floor plugs can be installed in hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet, or laminate flooring surfaces.

Be sure to hire a certified electrician for this type of floor plug outlet 37205work. Many handymen can install a floor plug, but there are important considerations such as whether your circuit breaker can handle the electricity source and ensuring it is up to code.

Call West Side Electric Service today and make your home safer and more attractive with a floor outlet. We can help place your outlet in the most logical place possible and you will have all of the advantages of your plug in no time.

Need an Electrical Outlet or Floor Plug? Our Nashville Electricians are Glad to Help.

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