Nashville Electrician Projects

We receive so many different types of requests for service, it is hard to include all that we do. Here are some of our recent requests from people looking for an electrician in Nashville. During the recent aftermath of the tornados, we have spent much of our time in East Nashville helping restore power to the residents on Holly Street. We install large generators, NEST systems, and so much more. Just ask. Our electricians can support nearly any project whether it be industrial, commercial, or residential. Just ask us.

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Home electrical issues

I bought a treadmill that keeps tripping my circuit breaker, plus I have a few other smaller issues like a couple of ceiling fan/lights that don’t work, and flood lights that don’t work. Thanks! Jeffrey

Electrical service

Hello! My company helps manage building services for senior living facilities around the Cookeville area. We’re looking for help with electrical service and project work. Can we schedule a time to discuss? Thank you! John

Electrical work in my home

Some wiring no longer works, and not enough circuitry in the kitchen for modern electrical devices. Inspect and advise.

Power Lines from Street in the way

My power lines that are running from the street have some extra slack hanging over a window. I am having my windows replaced on Tuesday and am hoping to have an electrician come in and tuck them out of the way somehow to take any danger away from the installers. I have a picture I can send. Trying to see what options are avail. NeS said call an electrician for this. Thanks- Graham

Doorbell no longer working properly

Doorbell quit working, started just making a buzzing sound. After messing with it a little, my amateur thought is that the red wire that attaches to the doorbell may be the culprit….but I give up and need assistance.

Above Ground Pool & outlets

Hello! I have an above ground pool that needs electric run to it. Depending on price I also need to have some extra outlets run, flood lights run to the corners of my house, and a spot for a light to be placed in the bathroom.
Do you guys give estimates? Thanks! Text/email is the best way to contact me.

Residential upgrade

Purchased a house built in 1960 that needs electrical upgrade (line from street, panels, whole house re-wire etc). Can y’all come take a look and give me an estimate on what I need?

Installation of Flood Lights

We recently purchased a home on Music Row to use as our company office. We need floodlights installed around the building. I have purchased 7 dual floodlights and 2 singles from Lowe’s. Would you all be able to help install them?
Thank you!

Repair Connection to Bathroom Next to Bonus Room

The connection to bathroom next to bonus room apparently broke somewhere, we lost power there. Need it repaired, preferably soon.

Troubleshoot and Estimate

I live in West Nashville and would like to schedule a time to have an electrician look at an outlet for our microwave that is inactive. I have tried resetting the breaker for that area but no luck. Please let me know if this week would be feasible to have the outlet checked and quoted for repair, if required.
Thank you!

LED Recessed quote

I am interested in how much it would cost to install LED Recessed lights at my house.
The priority would be in an upstairs bonus room (6 lights) and downstairs study (4 lights). I could update more lighting, but at a later time. Thanks

Recessed lighting install

I was wondering how much you all charge for recessed lighting installation. I live in Gallatin, TN. We are planning on getting all of our ceilings re-done (they have popcorn on them and we would like them flattened) and I figure the install of additional lights should occur prior to the ceiling being re-done. Would prefer an email response before 6PM (at work today!)

Upgrade wiring

We would like to upgrade our wiring and install an electric vehicle charger in our detached garage. Also, if possible, add two additional standard outlets inside the garage.
Thank you

We are looking for an Electrician

Hello – We are looking for an electrician to provide service to our homes in the Nashville area. Progress Residential owns over 2700 high quality single family rental homes in the area. This is not an advertising solicitation, it is an opportunity to work directly with us.
If interested in exploring the opportunity – please respond to this inquiry and I will send you more information about our company.
Thank you

Microwave Use Blowing Fuse

Whenever I try and use my microwave, the fuse blows/pops. The house I’m renting doesn’t have a current breaker box and requires time delay plug fuses. I tried replace them a couple of times, but the fuses keep blowing. I’m wondering if the microwave is pulling more electricity at this point. Is there a way to determine if this is indeed the mircrowave?

Electrical Service needed

I need to set up an appointment to get some lights fixed in my house.

Dryer Plug and light not working

Hi! We were hoping we could get somebody to come check out why our dryer plug and the light in my closet aren’t working. Thanks so much.

Electrician for home changes

Hi- hope you are well. We are hoping to get a quote on changing a recessed light to a pendant, adding track lights to a master closet, adding a garbage disposal and changing another light from pendant to recessed. We are hoping to get a quote. Can you please let me know when an electrician is able to come out? Thanks!

Lighting Installation

I’m contacting you in regards to a possible lighting installation in our hallway. Currently we have one out of date recessed light which does not provide much light. I would like this updated to 2 or 3 recessed can lights. Is this a project your team would handle and if so, what would the process be?

Need electrician services

Our HVAC unit upstairs will not blow cold air and we’ve been told we need an electrician because it is a breaker issue.

RFQ: install bubble outlet on detached garage

We are going to be installing some string lights in our backyard and need some electric work done first on our adjacent detached garage structure. We are hoping to install a bubble outlet on or just below the soffit nearest where the first string light post will be. We’d like the bubble outlet to be controlled by a dedicated lightswitch just inside the garage entry door. The garage has a standalone breaker box with breaker spots available. Attic is accessible and the inside of the garage is finished with drywall. I can send a picture clarifying these various pieces if responded to with email. Let me know your pricing and availability – located in Sylvan Heights.

Recessed lighting for basement rooms

Hi – I am interested in getting a quote to add recessed lighting for two, finished basement rooms. I’m unsure whether or not the ceilings provide enough room for this, but if so, I would like to get installed. I am out of town this week, but can discuss via phone and set up an appointment for next week or beyond.

Small Electrical Project

I have a small electrical project that I would like to get an estimate of the cost. I changed the light bulbs in a bathroom fixture to dimmable LEDs, and purchased an LED dimmer switch. However, when I went to switch it out with the old regular switch, something seems to be off with one of the screws and I think it might be best for a professional to handle. Could you let me know what the cost would be to install a dimmer switch?

Outdoor Lighting Installation

I’m currently looking to have 1 or 2 patio lights installed on my back patio located in East Nashville. Was hoping to have someone take a look in order to provide me with an estimate to install.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Dan Cleff

Generator Interlock Kit

I am looking for somebody to install a generator interlock kit at my home in east nashville. Is that something I could get a quote for? Thank you!
Ryan Mitchell

Cleaning Service Estimate

I am just checking in to see if you are open to receive a Sanitizing Spraying or Customized Janitorial Service Estimate from our company?
If you are interested, please check your calendar and let me know when would be a convenient time for a walk-through of your facility?
Be safe & Regards,
Ed Lease (Manager Stratus Building Solutions – Nashville TN)

Dimmer Switches

My husband and I installed a dimmer switch in the living room (3 pole switch) and some how we’ve messed something up and our dining room light won’t come on. Is this something you could come take a look at and possibly fix for us?
Thank you
Sylvia Exum

Upgrade Wall Electrical Outlet to 4-Prongs

I’d like to get an estimate of what you would charge to upgrade my regular garage wall electric outlet to one of those four-prong outlets (the find for clothes dryers, oven outlets, etc.).
I am buying a new electric vehicle and I’d like to be able to charge it at home. I realize that this is not the fastest method for charging an EV, but it is a much cheaper option than the Tesla Wall Outlet installation.
Thanks in advance for your estimate!
Jim (Nashville TN)

Replace Electrical Conduit

Due to recent tornado damage, outside main electrical conduit was ripped down from side of house. Need to have this replaced before NES will turn power back on.
Dan Scher

Flickering Light Repair

I am a property manager at Weichert Realtors and we need some electrical work done at one of our properties. There are 3 items we need repaired:
1. Closet light flickers even with new bulb installed.
2. Verify that the back porch floodlight works (It may only come one when its dark but we aren’t sure)
3. The hallway light does not seem to be working
Paul Murray (The Andrews Group – Murfreesboro TN)

Update 2-Prong Plug to GFCI

We would like to change an old 2 prong outlet (residential) to a GFCI outlet. I expect your company is busy because of the terrible tornados, but I wonder how soon we could get on your schedule.
Amy (Nashville TN)

Outdoor Outlets Malfunctioning

Got a couple of outdoor outlets that we can’t seem to keep working correctly. GFI wont reset. We’ve repaired them twice already. Would love to get a more reliable solution in place.
Grey Garner

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