Nashville Electrician Projects

We receive so many different types of requests for service, it is hard to include all that we do. Here are some of our recent requests from people looking for an electrician in Nashville. During the recent aftermath of the tornados, we have spent much of our time in East Nashville helping restore power to the residents on Holly Street. We install large generators, NEST systems, and so much more. Just ask. Our electricians can support nearly any project whether it be industrial, commercial, or residential. Just ask us.

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Generator Interlock Kit

I am looking for somebody to install a generator interlock kit at my home in east nashville. Is that something I could get a quote for? Thank you!
Ryan Mitchell

Cleaning Service Estimate

I am just checking in to see if you are open to receive a Sanitizing Spraying or Customized Janitorial Service Estimate from our company?
If you are interested, please check your calendar and let me know when would be a convenient time for a walk-through of your facility?
Be safe & Regards,
Ed Lease (Manager Stratus Building Solutions – Nashville TN)

Dimmer Switches

My husband and I installed a dimmer switch in the living room (3 pole switch) and some how we’ve messed something up and our dining room light won’t come on. Is this something you could come take a look at and possibly fix for us?
Thank you
Sylvia Exum

Upgrade Wall Electrical Outlet to 4-Prongs

I’d like to get an estimate of what you would charge to upgrade my regular garage wall electric outlet to one of those four-prong outlets (the find for clothes dryers, oven outlets, etc.).
I am buying a new electric vehicle and I’d like to be able to charge it at home. I realize that this is not the fastest method for charging an EV, but it is a much cheaper option than the Tesla Wall Outlet installation.
Thanks in advance for your estimate!
Jim (Nashville TN)

Replace Electrical Conduit

Due to recent tornado damage, outside main electrical conduit was ripped down from side of house. Need to have this replaced before NES will turn power back on.
Dan Scher

Flickering Light Repair

I am a property manager at Weichert Realtors and we need some electrical work done at one of our properties. There are 3 items we need repaired:
1. Closet light flickers even with new bulb installed.
2. Verify that the back porch floodlight works (It may only come one when its dark but we aren’t sure)
3. The hallway light does not seem to be working
Paul Murray (The Andrews Group – Murfreesboro TN)

Update 2-Prong Plug to GFCI

We would like to change an old 2 prong outlet (residential) to a GFCI outlet. I expect your company is busy because of the terrible tornados, but I wonder how soon we could get on your schedule.
Amy (Nashville TN)

Outdoor Outlets Malfunctioning

Got a couple of outdoor outlets that we can’t seem to keep working correctly. GFI wont reset. We’ve repaired them twice already. Would love to get a more reliable solution in place.
Grey Garner

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