Lighting Services

Nashville Lighting Installations & Renovations

Great lighting is essential to a beautiful home.  It sets the mood, creates the scene, and brings your home to life.

Kitchen Lighting Renovations
Let us help your dream kitchen, bathroom, living room or outdoor space come true.

Let us help you bring your dream kitchen, bathroom, living room or outdoor space to life.

West Side Electric Service provides lighting installation services to homeowners and businesses in the Nashville area.  Our certified electricians can install all types of light fixtures including recessed can lights, track lighting, LED lights, under cabinet lighting, chandeliers and more.  We can hang them or mount them flush with ceiling.

Our company employs the top electricians in Nashville and we’re ready answer any interior lighting questions you have.  Whether designing, installing or maintaining, we take lighting renovations seriously.

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Recessed Lighting

Recessed can lighting is the most popular lighting system at the moment.  We install these fixtures flush to the ceiling providing a clean modern appearance.

When it comes to recessed lighting our company is the best in Nashville. We have installed thousands of lights. We offer a full range of types, design, and professional installation. All you have to do is choose the style. We will provide the lights, take care of the installation, and leave your home just as clean as before we arrived.

Track Lighting

Professionally installed track lighting can make interior spaces more interesting and attractive, by highlighting specific areas and objects with their own zones of illumination. Because track lighting can be much more efficient than large area illumination, it can also makes good sense in terms of conserving electrical energy.

Whether your home was recently built, or has been around a long time – Westside can install your track lighting.

LED Lighting

Ask about our LED retrofit for your home or business
LED lights consume less energy because they operate at a lower voltage.

Whether flush mounted, recessed, wall mounted, or on tracks we can handle your LED installation needs.  LED lights according to the US Department of Energy are the most energy-efficient lighting source currently available.

They are more efficient in their consumption of electrical energy than either halogen or fluorescent lighting, and they are safer than other lighting because LEDs can operate on much lower voltages. Also, because they have no delicate glass envelope or fine wire filaments, they are much more resistant to shock and vibration than halogen and fluorescent lamps.

Some benefits of LEDs are that they are mercury-free and non-toxic. They can last up to 20 years.

Call us today for a for quote to do an LED retrofit for your home or business.

Pool Lighting

Whether you need the light bulbs replaced in your pool or require rewiring, hire an electrician as water and electricity don’t mix well.  Pool lights have come a long way. Installing bright lights is an excellent safety effort for swimming and walking around the pool perimeter at night. There are now long lasting LED lights that truly illuminate your outdoor space at night and are energy efficient. Colors are vibrant and green and blue are popular choices.